Significant Cases & Published Articles

Significant Cases

Andritz Sprout-Bauer Australia Pty Ltd v. Rowland Engineering Sales Pty Ltd. 28 IPR 29. Federal Court of Australia.
Primarily concerned Copyright issues. Authority for requirements for assignment of copyright and for elements of unconscious copying. This case is discussed in the texts "The Law of Intellectual Property" by Professor Sam Ricketson (Law Book Company Sydney) and "Technology Contracts" by Margaret Calvert (Butterworths Sydney).

Amcor & Anor v. Barnes & Ors [2007] VSC 515. Supreme Court of Victoria.
Jurisdiction and transfer of proceedings.

Hodgson v. Amcor Ltd; Amcor Ltd v. Barnes [2010] VSC 204. Supreme Court of Victoria.
Limitation of actions and amendment of proceedings.

Published Articles

"The Reproduction Right: How far has it been extended in relation to indirect copying?"
Copyright Reporter - Journal of the Copyright Society of Australia. Volume 13, Number 3, 13 Copy Reptr 000.

"Service and other problems."   Leo Cussen Institute publication.